2: That Time I Made Someone Cry

This week on Make New Mistakes: Crying at work, when it happens, why it happens, what to do when it happens, and what to do when you’ve caused it. Plus, Mistakes in the News, a new segment!


Melissa Anelli
Taekia Blackwell

Stories discussed:

“We Were Wrong”: Behind Fox’s ‘Dark Phoenix’ Debacle

Ali Stroker’s Tony Win Is a Huge Step for Performers With Disabilities

McDonald’s Used a Known Data Model To Make Forecasts. Then the Toronto Raptors Taught It a Wonderful, Painful Lesson

1: How Dare You Assert Yourself?

Episode one is about assertion! We talk about when you assert yourself, when it’s time to play bad cop, when it’s time to stop the conversation, and of course, the mistakes we’ve made asserting ourselves along the way.

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0: Who Are We?

Melissa and Taekia introduce themselves, and discuss who they are and why they’re doing this podcast. This should be the first one you listen to!

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