Make New Mistakes

A podcast about being in business, being in charge, and being the one to screw it all up.

Make New Mistakes

15. The Gryffindors Cry "Injustice!" Podcast

May 4, 2020

In today’s episode, we are joined by Robyn Warren, founder of Geek Girl Strong and host of the new Mischief Media podcast Healthy Geek Academy!

Robyn talks about starting her very own business and her background in education (3:24-7:25). She delves deeper into just how Geek Girl Strong functions at the crossroads of fandom and wellness and talks about having to move her operations online (7:26). We ask Robyn about her own mistakes in business and then, as a group, discuss figuring out when to say no (16:03-20:58)

In mistakes in the news (22:03), we discuss Shake Shack’s (brilliant? awful? tactical?) move to first obtain and then give back $10 million of the SBA PPP. (

And lastly, mistakes we made this week (34:24) and self-care tips (36:58) both involve discussions about baking bread. Who knew?!

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