Make New Mistakes

A podcast about being in business, being in charge, and being the one to screw it all up.

Make New Mistakes

16. "Uncertain" Doesn’t Even Look Like A Word Anymore

June 22, 2020

In this week’s podcast, Melissa and Taekia admit that it’s kind of hard to talk about mistakes when the world is on fire. So instead, they talk about tips for managing uncertainty!

These are tips and tricks that expand beyond the current crises and are tools for personal and professional stability during times of change and uncertainty.

We look at the importance of a network of peers (3:29), our human ability to adjust to shifting circumstances (9:42), and sustaining your vision for the future (22:20).

And it can be hard to pick out just one mistake in the news these days, but because we’re event planners, we briefly discuss Trump’s Tulsa rally (28:46). 

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