13: The Paycheck Protection Program Circus

We were actually funded through the Paycheck Protection Program, and we’re here to tell you about it.

Being a small business owner during this time is a total rollercoaster. We take this episode to break down every bit of SBA Disaster Assistance loans, and why they’re kind of impossible (00:06:24). Melissa and Taekia also take you through every step of the winding and laborious process of applying for the Paycheck Protection Program (00:13:55). The back and forth with the accountant, banker, and each other was totally constant until we got it submitted. After that ruckus, we talk about what makes us happy during this strange time (00:42:30).

In non-business news, we discuss what’s keeping us sane during this time (Taekia’s watching Steven Universe (soon to be our new Extraneous series!). Closing out, we try to give some helpful advice (00:47:00).

Send us any questions you have about government assistance loans because we’re experts now!

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