3: Everyone Can See You

This week, on Make New Mistakes, we ponder the question: what happens when everyone can see your mistake? Event planning has made us experts in public mistakes. Want to learn more about audience psychology? We have mistakes that we made and learned from and bring that knowledge to you. For Mistakes in the News, we talk about what large piles of money do and don’t mean for a business’s success. Finally, we tell you about our most recent mistakes and our self-care go-tos. Here’s Taekia’s self-care playlist of the moment.  

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Episode 1: How Dare You Assert Yourself?

Episode one is about assertion! We talk about when you assert yourself, when it’s time to play bad cop, when it’s time to stop the conversation, and of course, the mistakes we’ve made asserting ourselves along the way.

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Episode 0: Who Are We?

Melissa and Taekia introduce themselves, and discuss who they are and why they’re doing this podcast. This should be the first one you listen to!

Make New Mistakes: The Trailer!

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